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Oh, hey there LJ, long time no see!!!

Schools started. My new roomie is okay, kinda quiet and a transfer student, and appears to go home each weekend.
Two of my classes are boring as shit...but I knew they would be (China Since 1949 and Environmental Ethics). But my two art classes are awesome and messy and awesome...if not a little hard. Totally making a print of an octopus on a skull holding a bowler hat and a rose!!! XD
Anime Club is crazy busy, what with the Murder Mystery in less than a month! Ah! So many practices! And I need to make sure I'm good at dealing poker....

And for the end of my "I'm ALIVE" post, my crazy dream from last night...

...no really. I mean, most of my dreams are fucked up, but I woke up from this one confused as all hell.

So, first off, I have to assume everyone knows Slenderman, right? If not, do what I did last week and watch Marble Hornets on youtube...hopefully with a large group of friends in the middle of the day. I didn't do the day thing, and yes, I was a bit creeped out coming back to an empty, sparsely decorated dorm. Know Slenderman, otherwise what happens in my dream won't be nearly as fucked up...

Anyways, in my dream last night I was in some sort of trouble in Mexico...don't know what, but the US government had something to do with it. Then, out of nowhere, Slenderman shows up and saves me...yeah. But it gets weirder! Slenderman then hands me a bunny mask...I go wtf? why a bunny? and he basically bitch slaps me with a tentacle. I put it on and then ride piggy back on Slenderman past crazy Mexicans with guns, over the border, where we then have to out run border patrol. Yes...me wearing a bunny mask, on Slenderman's back, out running the US border patrol...yeah. After getting away from them, Slenderman somehow communicates to me that we need a car...which he suggests we buy via robbing banks. Which is made very easy what with Slenderman being creepy as shit and making cameras fail. The rest of the dream is Slenderman and myself heading across country, robbing banks, towards some unknown destination.

...and then I woke up. And was very confused. Still am.

...I might have to do a drawing of the border patrol chase scene for shits and giggles...

Slenderman will never be the same for me...never...


Jan. 10th, 2011

...I've never gotten spam on LJ before, but I'm getting it now. In screened comments, which is stupid on their part, but still...


...sorry for the not updating. Being home does that!

My birthday was quiet and nice and such. Got lots of cloths. Saw Black Swan (amazing, but wtf?!). Had a nice dinner.


I wish I was back in Chicago, but the stupid dorms won't let me move in until two days before classes start! -_-'


Also, beginning to panic! I have no idea what to do once I graduate! Seriously! Ahhhh! Thinking about trying to work for Yellowstone this summer, but after that...AHHH!!!

*panic panic panic*

Soooo....finally got a full night's rest...but it took me taking sleeping pills. So I slept for 12 hours, lol! Hopefully this means I'll be over the jet lag now!


I got....

A KINDLE! Which I've been asking for since they came out! And a cover! And $30 Kindle card!
...and so did everyone else in my family that didn't already get a Kindle, lol!
A new camera (because my 4 year old one was BEYOND outdated and abused)
Two shirts (one of which has blue penis on it...YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!)
Random small gifts

And some family gifts included a few board games and Epic Mickey...which is epic...

Also, my parents got a Rumba. The cat is not amused. He hates vacuums anyways, so one that moves and roams by itself...not cool!

And that was Christmas. Nothing major happened. Everything went smoothly. Since we didn't do alcohol this year, I think that helped (not mentioning why here...but it had to do with someone visiting).

So, yay!

Now to watch Doctor Who I missed last night because I was too tired to function!


Forgot to mention I made it home on LJ...

So, yeah. I made it home. Minimal delays and everything, though the 7 hour layover turned into 8 and was BRUTAL!!!

Still trying to adjust to the time difference. So far coming back has been harder than going!

La la la...next update will probably be post-Christmas stuff!



It's officially Sunday in Beijing....which means I head home TODAY! AH!

And let's just say it was a crazy Saturday. Really was. I'm dead tired and I need to wake up early tomorrow. Should be fun! Ah!





...yup...I will miss certain things here, and a number of people! Ah! Tonight is end of the semester banquet and then EVERYBODY is going out to get swasted! It will be a sad fun time!

And then tomorrow, once I am up, I'll probably head over to 798 for a few hours...probably by myself, but whatever! It's a cool place that I really want to get back to!

Then last minute shopping that evening! Ah!




It's an interesting language!


And I hate having to try and plan out the rest of my time here in China! Ah!

So much to do, so little time...and the minute I make plans, things change! Ah!!!



Also, still don't know what's up with my dorm room since Res-Life never sent me a confirmation e-mail about the room or when to move in so ah!


And go watch the new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer...just do it!




Finals Week, La!

So, technically I'm already mostly done with my finals...finished my art stuff and turned it all in, and I wrote my history paper and presented it today!

All that's left is my Chinese final -_-'

It's not that I don't like Chinese...it's just that I don't like studying for it...meh.

So, tomorrow is starting to pack and studying my ass off. Thursday is the written section of my Chinese final, then some cleaning and practicing for the second part. Friday, early early, is the oral section of the Chinese final, then last minute shopping, and then the farewell banquet...

And then a night of Swasted-ness, that no one, not even those that are leaving at 4 am the next morning, are getting out of. Even some of the students that don't drink said they would this night.

Saturday is packing, packing, packing, cleaning, and making sure I didn't forget to buy anything (and buying anything if I still need it)....and if there's time, and god damn it there better be, I'll be making my way over to 798 with or without anyone else. I loved that place but didn't have my camera...I need to get back!

And Sunday I check out at 8:30 am, my bus to the airport leaves at 9:30 am...and then I wait for my 1:40 pm flight at the airport. And then crazy crazy traveling home!

...getting back on FB should be fun! If you're gone for a long while, you have security things to go through...one of which is identifying friend's photos...yeah, thanks friends who have pictures that aren't of you! Ah! Going to hate trying to get back on!

...ah, holy shit, I'm going home!


I Totally Wrote This To Procrastinate...

I leave for home in 10 days....ah!

I still have some shopping to do. I realized I forgot about getting my Great Aunt a Starbucks mug since she collects them. I also want to get some more little gifts for friends, since I don't have enough for everybody right now.

But! It's also FINALS TIME! Rawr!

Not too much. I have to clean up/finish all my drawing for art class for Monday. Then I have a 7 one-and-a-half-spaced paper due Tuesday, along with a presentation on it. And then Chinese is on Thursday and Friday (so, yeah, putting studying off until after my paper is done).

...haven't started the paper yet, lol! Oops...but last time I BS'd my shorter paper for the class and got an A-, sooo....yeah. Planning on getting the books I need tomorrow after my Chinese class. Saturday will be for fun and art. Sunday for getting a nice chunk of the paper done, and I'll finish it and throw together a presentation Monday night after classes.

And once all my finals are over with, I have a farewell dinner next Friday. Saturday will be packing and last minute fun stuff. And then that Sunday I check out, and head to the airport...around 2 pm Beijing time I catch a long ass flight to San Francisco, then I have a 7 hour mother fucking layover there, and then I fly to Chicago, getting in around 11 pm local time.


Once you count the drive to the airport, it's well over 24 hours worth of traveling before I reach Chicago...

...I am drinking the free alcohol on the plane on the way to San Francisco...yup, yup, yup...

Sorry I never sent out the post cards! I had written them way back when...then they got lost in my room and I forgot about them until recently. It's rather too late to send them now, so I'm handing them out to people once I get back (unless I know I won't see them, then I'll send them US post).

Blah. It'll be nice to have cheese and clean(er) air. Though I will miss China's cheap food, and I'll miss my tutor...sure, we didn't start meeting until the semester was almost over, but she's a hoot. We spend most of the time talking instead of studying (which is fine...I only need a little help anyways). I hope she finds some way of studying in the US...she too loves cheese! XP

Anyways, once I'm home comes crazy winter holiday time...don't know if I have birthday plans this year, but whatever!

And after that's all done, I'll need to move into my dorm...which is in Fairfield building C, unless the stupid computer program for dorms somehow let me room with a guy...the stupid program wouldn't let me see who exactly was in the room already -_-'

And then classes! Ah! Reminds me that I need to get on buying books sometime soonish!

And that's all....

~Crazed aka 风铃

Dec. 8th, 2010

I hate Loyola Chicago...or at least most of the departments that run important things...

So, i stayed up to sign up for a room for next semester...because, well, this semester they've decided to try a new online thingy instead of having study abroad students sign up via e-mail...same program they switched the housing application to from the paper ones...

Fine, whatever.

However, I sign on and get an error message saying I haven't done something for the application...

AND I CAN'T GET A ROOM! Which means all the good rooms will be gone by the time I finally do get to sign up! And I'll probably get stuck DOWN TOWN, in the horribly far away over priced bullshit dorm.


I think the online program thinks I haven't paid. Which, yes, I haven't paid this semester, but I paid last. Which I was told would carry over, not once, not twice, but three times, including once in e-mail just last week.

Why wouldn't Res-Life double check the program when I sent an inquiry e-mail? WHY WOULDN'T THEY HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER?!?


...kinda glad I'm graduating next semester...

...if I get stuck downtown, I'm asking to get out of the housing contract because I REFUSE to pay the extra money to live downtown when I have no classes there...


~Crazed aka 风铃

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