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CrazedInsaneOne's Journal

...wait, what?

I am Crazed. I am a senior undergraduate studying anthropology with no ideas what to do after college. I am back in Chicagoland for my last semester of college after spending a semester in Beijing, and don't update that much. I am a geek, and I know it, and enjoy fantasy novels, movies of all sorts, and comics (when I can get them). I am often easily distracted, especially by shiny things. I am chipper when I'm up. I am down right moody when I'm down, though it happens less and less. I am an introvert, and need my alone time, though I almost need my social time just as much (even if I'm not "sociable" when it happens). I am interesting in far too many things, and this is why I am studying anthropology and have no plans for after college.
我也是风铃, though I couldn't tell you why my Chinese name is thus.
And I ramble...
I ramble alot.
Updated 3/27/2011.

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P.S. There's A Hole In The Wall.....

I've been stamped as Cho Chang in wizardingworld_!

My Daemon is Adan, the ocelot. (Via The Golden Compass website while it was up.)