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The 12th was busy busy. I ran around campus doing things, finished packing, cleaning, then I officially checked out of my dorm. Following that was getting to the hotel (downtown), rush eating, and ruch getting ready before returning to campus for the awards ceremony. Which were cool. My feet were dead by the end, and it was rather hot, but it was nice seeing friends I wouldn't see during graduation (BA and BS are split into two different ceremonies, with the exception of a few BA in Anth and something else). Got back to the hotel rather late at night.

However, same day I was told my mom went into surgery...more on that in a bit....but it meant both her and my grandmother weren't making it to either event.

Friday was just as crazy but for different reasons. At least I had time to properly get ready and the temperature was a lot nicer for being dressed up. Ah la la la...I graduated. Still was freaky being one of the first ones up on stage though (Anthropology is the first major in the Sciences to walk, and my name is one of the first ones).

Took awhile to find my dad afterwards and even longer to get out of the parking garage and home.

Saturday I went with my dad to see my mom (3 hour drive there and back).

...she almost died. When they went in on Thursday it was because my mom was in a lot of pain and convinced them not to wait until Friday. Once they got in, they found out her intestine was ready to burst. It was all a very close call....but everything is fixed now.

Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday was spent cleaning. My mom came home Tuesday night. Been spending time helping take care of her (she's walking and doing well, even has her staples out already, but can't do everything and is still in a lot of pain), and entertaining my visiting aunt.

I am so tired. I need to start putting in for jobs.

So, yeah. That's been my life for the past week.

Crazy crazy...



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May. 23rd, 2011 03:47 am (UTC)
Sorry I'm late in commenting!

I'm glad your mom's recovering now, and I hope she gets well soon. That must have been terrifying.

Congrats on graduating, and good luck finding a job!
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